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Club History


On this page we will describe our background and philosophy.
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From the beginning.

Blackbrook Royals J.R.L.F.C. was born in the year 1975 and began with an enthusiastic group of parents who had an interest in Rugby League. At that time there was very little on offer for children of school age to do once school had finished for the day. The club and the 200 plus children that play Rugby there have a lot to thank these parents for. Over the years since 1975 the club has gained great success in all of the cups and trophies that are up for grabs i.e. The League cup, Northwest Counties cup, Lancashire cup and the National cup. Also a number of players have come through the ranks and gone on to be professional rugby League players and indeed Super League players. When the club was first formed it was decided that the children who played there would not pay a signing on fee or any weekly subscriptions. This was so as not to discriminate against any child whose parents either could not or would not pay for their children to participate in our sport. This is still the same today and without generous donations from our sponsors and fund raising events organized by parents, the children there would be denied this life changing opportunity.

Where are we now !

 We have over 200 children playing from the age of under 7 to under 16 that's 10 age groups. Each age group has one or more qualified coaches. Teams train on various week nights and in the playing season have home or away games most Sundays.
For various age group contacts and training nights see the contacts page.
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Teams Down Under !

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